(20)Children Education Allowance ( CEA) & Hostel Subsidy:

As per recommendation of 6th PC the CEA & Tuition Fees/ Hostel Subsidy has been merged together & are eligible to all Rly. Servant subject to the following conditions. W.e. f 01.09.2008

1. The Allowance is eligible from Nursery to 12th STD
2. Maximum upto first 02 child & studying in School Affiliated to Board of Education.
3. Performance criteria has been removed
4. The claims of Reimb. Such as Tuition fees, Admission, Spl. Fees for Agriculture, Electronics, Music, Practical fees under work experience.
5. Reimb of 01 set of Text book & Note Book
6. Two sets of uniform in a year
7. One set of School shoes
8. Annual ceiling fixed @ of Rs.12000/- to be claimed Qtrly. & amount not more than Rs.3000/- Claim of one time with maximum ceiling of Rs.12000/- is permitted
9. If both Husband & wife is working Only 01 can claim reimb.
10. The claim is admissible subject to submission of Original Receipt.

Hostel Subsidy is eligible @ Rs.3000/- pm per Child subject to fulfilling of usual terms & conditions.

( RBE No: 135/08 dt 1.10.08, 78/09 dt. 04.05.09 & 100/09 dt. 10.06.09 )
The condition of payment of H.S only on transfer account has been relaxed . It will also be paid to all staff who are keeping the child in Hostel of a Residential School away from the station they are posted/ or residing, irrespective of any transfer liability.
( R.B.No: E(W)2008/ED-2/4 td. 06.11.2009)