Supply of circulars on Reservation Rules & Establishment or other relevant matters. Maximum two informal meetings in a year. Two card passes in 1st Class/AC Sleeper to President /General Secretary at Central and Zonal levels. Stay Facilities as available as per eligibility on payment of usual charges. Allotment of a suitable office accommodation at Board, Zone and Divisional levels. Special Casual Leave and special passes to not more than 20 office bearers to attend informal meetings at Divl./Workshop level.
Recognized Unions - Registered under Trade Union Act & recognized by the Government

Facilities to Union - 1) Through PNM 2) Through JCM Govt. as a whole. 2) SBF Membership 4) PREM 5) Staff Committees at important stations 6) Issue of card passes 7) Special CL for meeting 8) To hold meeting on Railway land with prior approval 9) Accommodation & telephone on rental basis 10) Space for 
notice board 11) Supply of copies of RB’s letters 12) Collection of subscription - 20 yards away from pay counter 13) Bearers cannot be transferred without two months notice 14) Foreign service contribution towards Pension/PF/Gratuity 15) Protection for holding meeting 16) Deputation for Union work with protection of promotion.

Transfer of Office Bearers of Recognized Union

If transfer is in the interest of Administration, sufficient two months notice is given. Fact brought to the notice of DRM/CPO. Any objection by Union, the decision of GM will be final. If transfer is within the same station from one Administration to another, this procedure/practice be followed. In case of periodical transfer as distinct from transfer to other special consideration & if GM does not cancel, the order of transfer may be allowed till next election/next 1 year. If transfer is on promotion, the Union be advised of the proposed transfer & pend till employee wishes to refuse the promotion. If transfer is at own request/mutual, there is no need to follow this procedure. Intimation is necessary. In case of following, only advice be sent. i) If Union official involves in a SPE case. ii) If transfer is from one section/department to another in same office. iii) If involved in gross violation of safety regulations, GM can transfer Union official.


1) To maintain harmonious relations between Officers & Organized Labours
2) Redressal of grievances of RSs
3) To maintain contact with Organized Labours
4) To solve disputes & differences bet. Organized Labours & Administration.

Railway Board                            Zonal                            Divisional

Chairman - MS                                         GM                                     DRM
Secretary - Advisor Staff                       CPO/IR                               SDPO
Members - 20                                             20                                      20
Quarterly                                            Quarterly                     Once in 2 months

Individual DAR cases are not discussed, however, no hard and fast rule regarding this. Only policy matters are discussed.

Maximum -30 items - 6 Items per branch allowed.