With a view to have harmonious relations between government and its employees in matters of common concern and with the object of further increasing the efficiency, the government of India have established a machinery known as the joint consultative machinery.

Subject matter :

JCM may discussed matters relating to conditions of service, welfare of employee and measures to improve efficiency and standard of work. No individual cases can be discussed in JCM.

JCM works at three-tier basis.

1. National Council
2. Departmental council
3. Regional council
1. National Council :
a) The national council will deal with matters effecting the all central government employees of different departments such as pay and allowances, minimum wages, weekly hours of rest etc.
b) Chairman : cabinet sectary of government of India.
  Administrative side- up to 25 members appointed by the government from different central government department.
Staff side : upto 60 members who will be nominated by the federation, recognised tread unions of different central government department.
Secretary : each side will appoint its own secretary
c) National council may appoint a comity of experts to study at report on any matter falling within its scope.
d) The subject agenda must be circulated one month in advance.
e) Any matter disposed off cannot be placed on agenda during next 12 months.
f) If there is no agreements between the two then the matter is refereed to the Board of Arbitration whose decision would be final and binding on both the parties, only parliament can change it otherwise it cannot be touched and remains in operation for a period of three years.
g) It must meet once in six months.

2. Departmental Council :

a) Every revenue earning ministry must have a departmental council
b) It deals with the matter effecting all Railway employees.
c) Chairman : Chairman Railway Board
Administrative side : upto 10 members nominated by the Rly board.
Staff side : upto 60 members nominated by AIRF & NFIR.
d) Subject agenda must be circulated one month in advance and of agenda items may also be put up with the permission of the chairman
e) It must meet once in 4 month.

3. Regional Council :

It deals with the common problems of the employees of a particular reason.
Chairman would be the senior most officer of that particular reason.
Both side will nominate their representatives.