Appointment on Compassionate Ground

1. Compassionate Ground Appointment Mean: -

Appointments on compassionate ground are those appointments that can be made to the dependents of Railway servants.

Who lost their lives in the course of duty.
Or die in harness,
Or became crippled while in service.
Or medically incapacitated or de-categorized
Or dues to sickness like heart troubles, cancer.
Or such a diseases where no alternative appointment on reasonable emolument could be offered. Due to such incidents the appointment that are given to family member of deceased Railway employees are called as appointments on compassionate ground.

2. Circumstance under which the appointments on compassionate ground are to be given: -

i) Dependents of the employee who die or permanently crippled in course of duty.
ii) Who die in harness as a result of Railway accidents while off duty.
iii) Who die in harness while in service.
iv) Who are declared medically unfit or medically de-categories.
v) Dependants of the employees whose whereabouts are not known for a period of 7 years. A request to grant the benefit of compassionate appointment can be consider after a lapse of one year from the date from which the FIR has been lodged in police station.

3. Eligibility for appointment on compassionate grounds: -

i) Widow or Widower
ii) Son/ daughter (eldest son/ daughter)
iii) Dependents in case of Railway servant who died or got medically de-categorized as bachelors/spinster.
iv) Both husband and wife are Railway employees, in case of death of mother or father, compassionate appointment will be available either on death of the husband or wife whichever event occurs first.
v) Dying leaving more than one widow along with children born to the 2nd wife the appointment on compassionate grounds to the 2nd widow and her children are not to be considered unless administration has permitted the second marriage taking into account the personal law.
vi) Dependent of casual labor appointment on compassionate ground will be given as casual labor only irrespective theirs qualification.(dies due to accident while on duty.)

4. Age: -

There is no restriction in upper age limit, but in lower age limit the G. M. is empowered to relax for one year.

3. Educational Qualification: -

The educational qualification prescribed for the post to be offered should not in case be relaxed. However, if on the merits of an individual case, if G. M. feels that such a relaxation of the minimum educational qualification is absolutely necessary, then such cases may be referred to the ministry of Railway with the
stipulation that the candidate has to acquire qualification with the prescribed time limit.

Note:  for compassionate appointment to the non-technical popular categories the minimum of 50% marks in matriculation need not be insisted. Candidate should have only metric pass.