Creation of Posts

Railway Board have banned creation of posts of gazetted and non gazetted staff in the Open Line i.e. on Revenue Account, subject to the following:

i) Creation of posts of running staff category, as a result of half yearly power plan;
ii) Creation of stipendiary posts of apprentices to be absorbed against regular vacant posts, at the end of apprenticeship period;
iii) Creation of posts for dealing with claim cases arising out of a major railway accident to the extent permitted by Railway Board &
iv) Trainee reserve posts for initial recruitment are allowed to be created for the categories of diesel/electric Assistant/ASMs.

General Managers have full powers for the creation of non-gazetted posts for operation and maintenance of new/additional assets with matching surrender. Posts required for operational purposes, posts required to meet statutory obligations and security organization, need hereafter Board’s sanction even with matching surrenders and Finance concurrence.

Vacancy Banks

For the purpose of dealing with matching surrenders, a Vacancy Bank should be operated at the Divisional level and Headquarters level.

Divisional Vacancy Bank

This will be operated by Sr.DPOs/DRMs and vetted by DAO/Sr.DAOs concerned. This account is credited with 50% money value of the surplus posts surrendered as a result of inspection and work-study undertaken by the Divisions for locating pockets of surplus staff/posts. 25% of money value of such posts shall be credited to the Headquarters Vacancy Bank and 25% to Railway Board Vacancy Bank. However, the entire amount on account of closure of steam locos sheds, goods-sheds, parcel office, yards or induction of tie-tamping machines shall be transferred to Headquarters Vacancy Bank. DRMs are permitted to create provisionally with the concurrence of associated finance, new posts in the Divisions for operation and maintenance of new/additional assets, through Divisional Vacancy Bank. However, post-facto sanction of General Manager with FA&CAO’s concurrence shall be required in every case. A monthly report duly
signed by Sr.DAO/Sr.DPO and DRM shall be sent to CPO and FA&CAO.

Headquarters Vacancy Bank

All proposals for creation of new posts through Headquarter Vacancy Bank shall be examined by HODs concerned and vetted by AGM before they are sent to FA&CAO for finance concurrence. The HODs shall duly take into account the effect of innovation and sophistication in technology and the need for the additional manpower. He shall give due regard to the need for improvement in productivity in the context of progressive modernization and sophistication. All proposals will require prior sanction of General Manager. This account will be credited by the amount received from Divisional Vacancy Bank as well as money value of the posts surrendered from the Organization controlled by Headquarter. No post can be created unless matching surrender/money value is made available from Divisional/Headquarter Vacancy Bank. The proposals for which the Zonal Railways cannot offer matching surrenders shall be referred to Railway Board after obtaining FA&CAO’s concurrence and personal approval of General Manager. To keep a proper accountal of surplus posts and their utilization, a Bank of surplus (Vacancy Bank) should be maintained as under:

a. The bank of surplus posts will be operative from 01.04.1987 and earlier bank net credit may be added as opening balance of the new account as on that date;
b. All posts (excluding posts, which were/are created for specific short term purpose e.g. those created for summer rush) identified as surplus and surrendered on or before 01.04.87 will be credited to
this Bank;
c. Matching surrender already reckoned for creation of posts after 01.04.87 (including opening balance from the previous balance) and surrenders to be made in future, will be debited to the balance in the Banks;
d. The account in this Bank will be maintained Department-wise and grade-wise though for matching surrender posts can be drawn from this Bank irrespective of department to which they pertain and
e. The accountal of Bank will be maintained by CPO as per practice on the individual railway under the overall supervision of AGM.

Railway Board Vacancy Bank

25% of the money value of all posts surrendered in the Zonal Railways, such as Divisions, Workshops and the Divisional Units, shall be transferred to Railway Board for crediting to the Railway Board Vacancy Bank